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Walgreens in Zip Code 89121

(702) 432-6940

3400 Boulder Hwy Las Vegas, NV 89121


There's A Way To Stay Well.


The Extras
Most of Walgreens' free-standing stores have drive-thru windows for prescription pickups.

Save Time
Walgreens' website offers online shopping with free shipping for qualifying orders of $39 or more.

Las Vegas, NV Metro
Las Vegas
Pharmacies, Women's Health Services, Consumer Electronics, Health Care Equipment, Humidifiers, Optical Goods, Variety Stores, Discover Accepted, Debit Card Accepted, Catheters, Vitamins, Beauty Supply Stores, Stationery Stores, Mastercard Accepted, Wellness Programs, Cash, Contact Lenses, Convenience Stores, Visa Accepted, American Express Accepted, Greeting Cards, First Aid Supplies, Wheelchairs
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